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2019 Ted Rogers Scholarship recipients have big ideas for the future

August 9, 2019


Sabrina Dignazio

Last month, we awarded more than 300 Ted Rogers Scholarships to inspiring youth across Canada. These scholarships provide young people the opportunity to reach their potential through post-secondary education. As part of their 2019 application, we asked youth to tell us about an issue they would tackle to help make our country stronger. From climate change to investing more in education, these aspiring young leaders had a lot to say! Over the next few months, we will highlight a few of these amazing ideas on different topics that could make a meaningful difference in our world. This week, we are putting the spotlight on Sabrina Dignazio from Manitoba, a community recipient nominated by Indspire with a passion for science and a desire to tackle climate change with eco-friendly technology. “Climate change is a major issue that humanity currently faces. This problem is critical as it is time-sensitive and in order to decrease the effects, humanity must make changes immediately. As a developed country, Canada plays an unfortunately large role in the acceleration of global warming,” says, Sabrina. “This issue is of utmost importance to me as an Indigenous woman due to the fact that the northern Indigenous communities will be the first to experience the consequences. A vital change that must occur is within industries as factories are a significant source of pollution. Since I am going into engineering, I will have the ability to play a role in the necessary changes.  I will advocate for greener technology that has the same functionality but produces fewer emissions. This technology will enable us to live the same lifestyles while limiting the damage done to the environment. By tackling climate change, humanity will ensure that the next generations are able to live healthy and sustainable lives.” Sabrina will be attending the University of Manitoba in the fall to pursue a degree in mechanical engineering in hopes of playing her part to reduce climate change. We are proud to support Sabrina and the rest of the Ted Rogers Scholarship Class of 2019 as they embark on their first year of post-secondary education.