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5G Future Forum announces step towards global 5G interoperability

Today, the 5G Future Forum, a group of global 5G leaders, announced its first technical specifications will be released next month. These specifications will help accelerate the global adoption of 5G Multi-access Edge Computing.

5G and mobile-edge computing deliver low latency networks to mobile and connected devices while improving data throughput, reliability, power efficiency and security. This will make a range of transformative use cases possible – machine learning at the edge, autonomous industrial equipment, smart cars and cities, Internet of Things (IoT), augmented and virtual reality.

“The capabilities and potential benefits that 5G will bring to consumers and businesses around the globe are seemingly limitless, and the 5G Future Forum will help accelerate the delivery of this technology at a global scale,” said Jorge Fernandes, Chief Technology and Information Officer, Rogers Communications. “At Rogers, we are focused on building a strong ecosystem of partners and fostering commercial 5G development to fuel businesses, industries and drive Canada’s economy forward. The 5G Future Forum’s upcoming specifications are an important step in evolving the capabilities of 5G and mobile edge computing to help us deliver innovative technology solutions that will bring Canadian and global businesses the very best of 5G.”

The 5G Future Forum was established in January 2020 by América Móvil, KT Corp., Rogers, Telstra, Verizon, and Vodafone.

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