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After the economic dust settles: a look at Canada in 2020

October 9, 2008

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Canadian Business takes a long-term view of the hot-button issues that
    will determine whether we thrive - or just survive - in the years aheadTORONTO, Oct. 9 /CNW/ - With the current credit crunch and teetering
economy, it's hard not to have our wide-eyed gaze fixed firmly on the
precarious present. But what of the looming challenges Canada and the world
faces-in the areas of energy, food and the environment? When the smoke clears
on the current crisis, what will we see?
    While much of today's media discourse is taken up with short-term
economic challenges, Canadian Business and its team of experts focus on the
all-important long-term issues in "Canada in 2020."
    This special issue is packed with in-depth analysis of complex issues,
along with interviews with great economic thinkers.Some of the topics explored in Canada in 2020:

    On energy

    -   Crude awakening: The oil age is finally coming to an end. What comes
        next will surprise you.
    -   What can Canada do to recharge a power surge?
    -   Is the quest for better ethanol leading us down the garden path?

    On the environment

    -   Canada should be an environmental leader. Can we - and will we -
        clean up our act?
    -   The emissions mess: Who are the worst offenders?
    -   Rejecting a carbon tax for cap-and-trade is just bad policy.

    On food

    -   Can Canada become an agricultural superpower?
    -   Our changing dinner plate: Mass production is not working. Let's go
        for quality, not quantity.
    -   Want to invest in Saskatchewan agricultural land? It's not as crazy
        as it sounds.PLUS - Interviews with: acclaimed author Thomas Homer-Dixon; the world's
first neurologist in space, Roberta Bondar; the investment world's Nicholas
Parker, who coined the term "cleantech"; and marine ecologist John Volpe.

    Canadian Business's Canada in 2020 is on newsstands starting Oct. 9.

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