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Alberta technology companies ensure lone worker safety from the convenience store to the oil field

September 2, 2009

News Releases

    CALGARY, Sept. 2 /CNW/ - Rogers Wireless is partnering with local
technology companies to help employers keep their lone workers safe and comply
with new provincial legislation mandating that employers must be in constant
contact with employees working alone.
    "The lone worker legislation may be new, but we've been doing some real
pioneering here in Calgary on this topic for some time," said Steve Roberts,
vice-president for Rogers Wireless in Alberta. "We're proud to partner with
innovative companies like Blackline GPS, Premier GPS and NelTrak to create and
provide simple wireless technologies that help keep people safe, no matter
where and when they're working."
    Until recently, there have been few options available for employers to
meet lone worker requirements. While some use costly call centres to check in
on workers, others opt for a low-tech solution like having workers call into
the office.
    Rogers Wireless has worked with its local partners to improve lone worker
safety by producing well-tested, reliable and portable wireless safety
communication products.
    For a tiny, fits-on-the-hip option, there's the Loner by Blackline GPS, a
manufacturer of communication technology security, tracking and monitoring
devices. The size of a mobile phone, the Loner is worn by the lone worker and
constantly provides its GPS location. It also includes a panic button for
emergencies and motion detector that tracks lack of motion which can indicate
a worker in distress.
    The SafetyBerry is a BlackBerry application by Premier GPS. Available on
the BlackBerry Curve and Bold, it offers advanced real-time GPS tracking
functions and ways for lone workers to indicate distress or check in with
their employer with the click of a few keys.
    For oil and gas workers traveling alone in their vehicles, NelTrak, an
Alberta-based wireless solutions provider, offers several options including a
GPS unit with built-in panic button that is installed in vehicles, a FOB that
workers can carry with them, and a portable unit that can be strapped onto an
ATV or sled. Each option can be monitored 24/7 by highly trained oil and gas
specialists in a technical centre - a one-of-its-kind approach in the
    "These are all home grown solutions," said Roberts. "They are great
examples of Alberta businesses pioneering in technology to promote worker
safety in an easy and affordable way."
    To further ensure lone worker safety, especially in Alberta's oil and gas
industry, Rogers Wireless announced in June a $42 million expansion of its
world-standard GSM wireless voice and data network. The expansion adds 49 new
wireless sites expanding coverage throughout the energy heartland.
    Rogers Wireless' lone worker safety solutions start at $30 per month.About Rogers Wireless
    ---------------------Rogers Wireless provides wireless voice and data communications services
across Canada to more than 8.2 million customers. Proven to operate Canada's
fastest mobile data network as well as the most reliable network for voice
with the clearest reception and fewest dropped calls, Rogers Wireless is
Canada's largest wireless provider and the only carrier currently operating on
the global standard GSM and highly advanced HSPA technology platforms.