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All IN partner Révoluntionnaire launches campaign to celebrate dreams that fuel revolutions

This week, All IN partner Révoluntionnaire’s campaign launched. It’s theme, Be Revolutionary, is all about celebrating dreams that fuel revolutions.

Révolutionnaire is a platform designed to make an impact on the causes that you care about, and that’s exactly why Révolutionnaire was founded. Nia Faith had a dream for ever dancer to have apparel that celebrates the skin they’re in. Nia created dancewear for every skin colour. Now, alongside her sister, Justice Faith, Révolutionnaire has evolved into a larger movement to empower others to leverage their dreams to fuel change through education, action, and amplification.

The campaign will feature inspiring and uplifting interviews with Canadian icons who are driving impact in their communities.

  • Elladj Balde is a former competitive Canadian figure skater. He won the 2015 Nebelhorn Trophy, an ISU Challenger Series event.
  • Mohawk Canadian Shawnee Kish is a singer and songwriter who is most noted for her Juno Award nominee for Contemporary Indigenous Artist of the Year in 2022.
  • Disability advocate and former national gymnast Taylor Lindsay-Noel had a devastating accident which left her paralyzed from her neck down.

The campaign encourages Canadians to visit Révolutionnaire’s social network for changemakers to learn more about the causes and organizations featured to take action in their communities.

Learn more about Revolutionnaire and All IN. From 2022 to 2024, RSM is providing Raven Reads, A Dollar A Day Foundation, Révolutionnaire, Egale Canada, UnitedWeCurl, Breakfast Club of Canada, POV, and Women’s Para Hockey of Canada with one tailored campaign through creative services and advertising to showcase their invaluable work across RSM’s national suite of media assets.