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Asian Heritage Month – Riggs Vergara shares how the OMNI Scholarship has provided him with a sense of belonging and hope as a Filipino immigrant

As we conclude Asian Heritage Month and look towards the future, we recognize the importance of uplifting and celebrating youth who represent a bright and resilient path forward for Asian communities across Canada.

For OMNI scholarship recipient, Riggs Vergara, inclusion and diversity scholarships such as this one, are helping provide him with the tools and support needed to continue his studies in Broadcast Media at Mount Royal University.

Now in its second year in partnership with Rogers Sports & Media, OMNI Television’s scholarship program provides financial support to journalism University students who are pursuing a career in ethnic and third-language journalism.

As a Filipino immigrant, Riggs shares how the OMNI scholarship has provided himself and other members of his diverse community with the opportunity to excel in their studies and feel a sense of empowerment and community.