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Attention Canadian taxpayers: how to slash your taxes and turbocharge your RRSP right now

MoneySense magazine explains how to save $7,000 a year in taxes; how to catch-up
on RRSPs; and how to find the best mutual funds

TORONTO, Jan. 31 /CNW/ – This year, with the right knowledge, Canadians
can easily meet the RRSP and tax deadlines (March 1 and April 30,
respectively) with more confidence-and more money in their pockets.

Want to save $7,000 every year? While there aren’t as many loopholes as
there used to be, splitting income with a spouse and children can save
thousands in taxes. MoneySense explains how.

Falling behind on your RRSP? It’s not too late to catch up. These seven
tips will help put your RRSP into overdrive. Among them:

  • Get your boss to help out: Company defined benefit pension plans, stock plans or RRSPs are a
    no-brainer when you want to boost retirement funds.

  • Treat your pay raise like found money: You’re used to living on your current salary anyway. Why not build your
    savings by diverting the extra funds into your RRSP?

  • Borrow to save: If you can be disciplined about paying it back, an RRSP top-up loan can
    help you reach your goals sooner.

PLUS: Best Mutual Funds for 2011
Despite an economy that is (finally) growing, successful investing is
still a challenge. Cash offers paltry interest, and returns on bonds
are meagre. Against this backdrop, equities seem to be the best
alternative-but they can be higher risk. Moneysense can help out with its 10th annual ranking of the best funds for your
RRSP now. Our track record is impressive: Over five-year periods,
almost 70% of our past mutual fund picks have gone on to beat the
average for their categories.

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