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Bold new Canadian Business Magazine arriving on newsstands today

October 18, 2007

News Releases

    As the magazine approaches its 80th anniversary, a radically different
    look stays true to an overall vision of offering rigorously forward-
    looking insight

    TORONTO, Oct. 18 /CNW/ - Canadian Business magazine has never been afraid
to change. From its origin as a house organ for the Canadian Chamber of
Commerce to today's magazine for the digital age, Canadian Business has
consistently embraced the challenge of staying ahead of the expectations of
its readers. Knowing that today's business decision-makers operate in an
information-saturated environment, the team at Canadian Business took the last
10 months to conduct reader research and to think deeply about the unique
value the magazine offers.
    The result is a bold new look that is both radically different in
appearance and architecture but stays true to its mission of providing unique,
relentlessly forward-looking and valuable insights into the companies,
personalities and events that matter to business people. The newly redesigned
Canadian Business, featuring the annual MBA Guide, arrives on newsstands
across the country starting today. For more information about the annual MBA
guide please see press release titled "Canadian Business' 16th-annual MBA
Guide Unveiled" posted 8:30 a.m. at
    "Our research revealed what we already suspected," says editor
Joe Chidley. "A smart, longer-format, trusted source of insight like Canadian
Business magazine is extremely valuable to our readers. We excel in offering
the in-depth content that business leaders are looking for and our redesign
reflects that."Highlights of the new Canadian Business:

    -   A bold new logo that captures the magazine's strong personality,
        while amplifying newsstand presence. A timeless typeface, easily
        recognizable to business readers.
    -   Increased readability with new, larger text type and cleaner pages.
    -   Longer features, providing readers with even more insight.
    -   Editorials and columns from Canada's most respected business writers
        and leaders will be moving to the front of the magazine. Expect
        regular contributors like Ian Austen (Ottawa), Laura Bogomolny
        (New York), Jack Mintz, Al Rosen, Andrew Nikiforuk (Calgary),
        Rachel Pulfer (Boston), Denis Seguin, Michael Stern and David Wolf to
        continue providing trusted analysis and perspective.
    -   More visually engaging graphic content, including bolder headlines,
        inventive illustrations, enhanced charts and graphs, and an
        entertaining and insightful new back-page feature.
    -   Increased ties to the website through the "Briefcase" section -
        linking readers to ongoing and updated coverage concerning Canadian
        Business stories at
    -   "Outlook" - In keeping with the magazine's focus on forward-looking
        analysis, a new weekly section inspired by the highly anticipated
        annual Canadian Business Outlook issue.
    -   "Q&A" - A regular and timely interview. The first is with
        David Saunders, dean of the Queen's School of Business in Kingston,
        Ont., and who recently hung up his hat as chair of the Canadian
        Federation of Business School Deans.
    -   Every issue of the magazine will also feature E-contents, Feedback,
        Trend Watch, Live & Learn (featuring Paul Martin Jr. in this week's
        issue) and Insider.About Canadian Business magazine:

    Founded in 1928, Canadian Business is the longest-serving, bestselling
and most trusted business publication in Canada. Canadian Business stands
alone as the business magazine in Canada with 100% paid circulation. With a
readership of almost one million, the magazine is published every second
Monday, except in January, July and August, when monthly issues are published.
Special annual issues of Canadian Business include the Investor 500, the MBA
Guide, the Rich 100 and the Best and Worst Boards. Visit