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Bridging the digital divide in St. John’s, Newfoundland with Rogers Connected for Success™

For twenty years, Thrive Community Youth Network has helped vulnerable young Newfoundlanders and their families living in poverty access critical resources and educational supports, while discovering and achieving their full potential. And according to the St. John’s non-profit organization, access to affordable high-speed Internet is a vital for clients they support. 

Rogers first launched its high-speed, low-cost internet program Connected for Success™ in Newfoundland five years ago for those living in rent-geared-income housing, and then families receiving the maximum childcare benefit. Eligibility recently expanded for those receiving income or disability benefits through Income Support and seniors on the guaranteed income supplement.  

In addition to being a Ted Rogers Community Grant recipient, Thrive is one of Connected for Success’s referring agencies, helping families sign up for the program. Director Ellie Jones says it is already making a meaningful difference in the lives of so many in need. 

“Before Connected for Success, our clients needed to visit our offices to use the internet and get our help to access critical provincial supports, made more challenging during the pandemic,” says Jones.  “Now, young people can do online education programs and even complete their GED preparation from home, while their families can stay connected to other critical resources like job searches, banking and more. That independence is  so important, and we know how great people feel when they are truly connected.” 

Working together with community partners like Thrive, Rogers is committed to helping bridge the digital divide through its local investment programs and affordable products and services, including Connected for Success. The program is currently available with expanded eligibility to upwards of 750,000 Canadians in Rogers Internet footprint across Newfoundland, New Brunswick, and Ontario, also offering new speed tiers to support the evolving connectivity needs of Canadians.  

“We work with other community partners and we will continue to let them know about Connected for Success so we can get the information into the hands of those who need it the most,” says Jones.  “That’s the most important thing right now. And that’s what we will continue to focus on moving forward towards a brighter future for our clients and our community.” 

To learn more about Rogers Connected for Success and to see if you are eligible, please visit: or speak with one of our representatives by calling 1-866-689-0758, Monday-Friday 9am-6pm ET or Saturday-Sunday 9am-5pm ET.