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Broadcast Notice – The Standard Airs Special Presentation – The Falwell Effect – Sunday, May 20th at 10 PM PT

May 18, 2007

News Releases

    SURREY, BC, May 18 /CNW/ - Rogers OMNI Television is pleased to present
The Falwell Effect, a one hour special presentation focusing on the effect of
Reverend Jerry Falwell on Canadian religious groups, to multi-faith audiences
served by Rogers OMNI.10, Sunday, May 20th at 10:00 PT.
    "This special provides an opportunity to examine the Moral Majority
phenomenon in America, its impact on Canada and on religion in politics in
general," says Jonathan D. Roth, Producer of The Falwell Effect and The
    Jerry Laymon Falwell, Sr. was an American fundamentalist Christian pastor
and televangelist popularly known as the father of the modern "religious
right" political movement. He founded Liberty University in 1971 - the largest
evangelical University in America - and co-founded the Moral Majority in 1979.
In November 2004, Falwell unveiled The Moral Majority Coalition, an
organization that he referred to as "a 21st century resurrection of the Moral
    When Falwell died last Tuesday at age 73, he left a well-publicized
legacy in America for believers and non-believers alike. He was featured on
the covers of Newsweek and Time, and on countless print and broadcast outlets
- Falwell's impact on religious groups north of the border, however, is not as
    To discuss how Reverend Falwell's influence was felt in Canada, OMNI's
The Falwell Effect has brought together a stellar group of guests:-   Reverend David Mainse of Crossroads Family Ministries will discuss
        his past association with Falwell and how Falwell's approach to
        religion differs from American and Canadian points of view. He will
        also address why he believes it is imperative for people of faith to
        be involved in the political process.

    -   Raheel Raza, a regular contributor to the Toronto Star and author of
        Their Jihad...No My Jihad! along with Balwant Sanghera, a Sikh leader
        based in British Columbia, will discuss Falwell's legacy. In the
        modern era, Falwell was the first North American to harness the power
        of religion for political gains. Their discussion will underline a
        growing trend in Canada within their own respective communities.

    -   Dr. John Stackhouse, the Sangwoo Youtong Chee Professor of Theology
        and Culture at Regent College at the University of BC, is Western
        Canada's leading academic expert on the intersection of faith and
        culture. He will offer his insights into Falwell's legacy.Focused on current affairs, The Standard covers national and
international issues through the lens of faith. The programme is seen on
Rogers OMNI.10, Monday to Friday at 9:00 p.m. in Vancouver and Victoria. The
Standard also airs on Rogers OMNI.11 in Winnipeg, weekdays at 9:00 p.m. CT. A
specially edited version is also seen nationally on The Biography Channel.

    About Rogers OMNI TV BC:
    OMNI TV BC is the re-branded and renovated licence resulting from Rogers'
purchase of NOW TV (CHNU) and the subsequent approval by the CRTC Decision
Public Notice 2005-207
( This
decision also included the approval of a rebroadcast transmitter for Victoria
to be in place mid-2007 and operate on channel 21B. NOW TV Vancouver formally
re-launched as OMNI TV BC/OMNI.10 (over-the-air, UHF channel 66) on September
5th 2005, continuing its mandate to deal with the religious and spiritual
concerns of the Christian and other faith communities in its broadcast
coverage area.

    About Rogers OMNI Television:
    Rogers OMNI Television is a free over-the-air system consisting of four
regional broadcasters covering nine markets in British Columbia (Victoria,
Vancouver, and Fraser Valley), Manitoba (Winnipeg), and Ontario
(Ottawa-Gatineau, London, Kitchener-Waterloo, Hamilton and the Greater Toronto
Area). All Rogers OMNI Television stations are owned and operated by Rogers
Communications in the Rogers Media division, and have the collective mandate
to reflect Canada's diversity through the airing of inclusive and accessible
programming. In addition to specializing in Canadian multicultural,
multilingual and multi-faith programming, OMNI TV also carries well-known
American and International series and films.