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Rogers releases its 2015 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

We put out our Corporate Social Responsibility report annually to provide insight into how we’re being a good corporate citizen and making progress towards our goal of building a brilliant digital future for Canada. Key areas of focus include governance, customer experience, employee experience, environmental responsibility, community investment, and economy and society.

Here are some interesting facts from our recently published 2015 report:

  • We had a 26% reduction in complaints to the Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services over the prior year, thanks to new programs and processes which ensure we’re delivering a better experience to all customers. These measure have even reduced the number of times customers had to contact us by 13% since last year.
  • In 2015 we started our workplace transformation project with Sharespace, a collaborative environment that gives employees the choice and flexibility to work where and how they want. This contributed to a higher Employee Engagement Score of 76%, up four points from the year prior. We also made it to the lists of Canada’s Top 100 employers, Canada’s Best Diversity Employers, and Canada’s Top Employers for Young People.
  • We won two annual Race to Reduce awards, with our One Mount Pleasant office achieving an impressive Energy Star score of 97 and our Brampton Park office achieving a sustained energy reduction of 12.8% over four years. We’re also on the path to minimize our carbon footprint, with a 3.8% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from 2014.
  • We gave $65 million in cash and in-kind community investments in 2015. This is in addition to over 10,000 low-income households who benefited from our Connected for Success subsidized internet program.
  • As a large Canadian company, we have a responsibility to make a positive impact on the economy. We distributed more than $13 billion in economic value in 2015.

To read the entire report, you take a look at the latest CSR Report here.