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Canada’s Got Talent – Contestants soar to new heights for a chance at the top spot

April 14, 2022


By Bill Brioux

One of the things that sets Canada’s Got Talent apart from other audition-style TV shows is that it’s not just about singing. Sure, you hear some exceptional voices, in a variety of genres and acts from all across the country, but you also discover that a great gymnastic routine, a stand-up comedy routine or even a spin around a pole can also result in a standing ovation.

Such was the case in Episode Four of Canada’s Got Talent on Citytv. And while there were some terrific singers, it was an athletic routine that won the Golden Buzzer.

The hour began with one of the judges getting into the act. Kardinal Offishall set the tone by warming up the audience with a song.

First up among the auditioners was country music singer Michael Daniels from Kelowna, BC. He started off on the right foot by wearing new boots, then impressed the judges with his mellow tones on an original song. Kardi thought he was perhaps a touch too mellow and questioned whether he was bringing it, even evoking the “K” word (karaoke), but Lilly seemed to have a crush on the dude. He got the three votes he needed to get to the next round.

Next came a man Howie recognized, primarily from the Just for Laughs comedy festival (where Mandel is a partner): Graham Chittenden from Brantford, Ont. Chittenden is also a TV comedy writer, having written for shows such as Mr. d and Still Standing.
The 38-year-old comedian got Howie on side immediately with his jokes about how he can hardly wait to turn 65. Mandel is 66.

One of his jokes was about how senior citizens get up early just to do nothing all day long.

“That front window’s not going to stare at itself,” he quipped.

Kardi thought it was hilarious, especially since it was so bang on about Howie. “You literally did your whole routine about his life!” he laughed.

The comedian got his four votes; the challenge next time will be to aim his routine at one of the other judges.

Kellie Loder, a singer from St. John’s, Newfoundland, so impressed Kardinal he called her a “megastar.” All of the judges loved her authenticity as she accompanied herself with a very confident rendition of “To Make You Feel My Love.”

Pole artist Matt Ryan, from Montreal, stripped down to his six pack and wowed the judges with his artistry and his strength. His message that pole-dancing was also good for mental health was embraced by Howie, who went up on stage and gave the theory a twirl. Soon he was panting on the floor. The result: no yeses for Howie but four big ones for Matt Ryan.

The pole artist was followed by four members of the Men of Klub Kave – a strip club in Etobicoke, ON. It was a no from Kardi, but he promised to recommend their club to his wife.

One of the emotional high moments of the night came when singer-pianist Simone Soman took the stage. Blind from birth, the Waterdown, Ont., woman received a standing ovation from the judges and from the crowd with her soulful rendition of “Angel.” You can find her in the next round.

Finally, budding circus artists Theo, 18, and Mila, 15, from Oakville, Ont., hit the stage. Tall Theo then threw and caught tiny Mila every which way. Their acrobatic gymnastic routine had all four judges on their feet.

Most impressed was the athlete on the judges panel, WWE star Trish Stratus. She stood up and elbow smashed the golden buzzer, sending the pair straight on to the semi-finals. Then she ran up on stage as the golden confetti rained down. That’s where Mila told Trish that impressing her was their biggest wish heading into the competition.

NEXT WEEK: Snakes, shell flute playing and a guy juggling chainsaws. Bet Howie doesn’t try that one!

Canada’s Got Talent airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Citytv, with catch-up available on and Citytv Now.

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