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Canada’s Got Talent – Contestants swirl, snap and sing their way to the golden buzzer


Every week on Canada’s Got Talent, there is a contestant or a group that so impresses one of the judges that they are compelled to slam down on that Golden Buzzer.

This week it was Kardinal Offishall’s turn to send somebody directly on to the semi-final round.

Week Five started with a lineup of raw talent featuring people and props. There were hula hoops, a “whipper snapper” who cracked whips and even a dude juggling chain saws.

Oddest of all was Alliszon from Victoria, BC, who performed “Bohemian Rhapsody” on a large Conch Shell. She hoped to leave the judges “shell shocked.” She did not, however, blow them away – although Howie Mandel was happy she came out of her shell.

Things got serious when contestant Cathy Boyd came on stage to perform a little comedy. The 67-year-old Toronto mother of four began her set by sharing that she recently took her family to ‘Greece’… the musical.

“You should have seen their faces when I told them I was taking them to Hamilton,” she furthered.

“You found your calling,” said Howie, taken by her droll delivery. It was four big yeses from the judges.

Next came an adorable brother-sister act – Esther and Ezekiel from Caledonia, ON. Born in Uganda, the kids were separated for five years from their mother. Now they are all inseparable, with mom as their voice coach.

The kids made mom proud with a soaring rendition of “No Air.” The boy’s surprisingly deep voice filled the Fallsview performance stage. Howie scrambled up on stage and requested a photo.

“See you at the end,” said Kardinal Offishall who, like the other judges, voted a big yes to their act.

Judge Trish Stratus found a competitive eater named Darrien Thomas from Bowmanville, ON., a bit hard to swallow. He hoovered down a record amount of donuts. Another dude, one of “The Monsters of Schlock” from Niagara Falls, opened a long row of steel traps with his bare hands and elbows while heavy metal music played.

Speaking of openers, Chucky Mady from Windsor, Ont., broke a world record by ripping open the top of 41 pop cans with his teeth.

Kids – don’t try this at home!

Trish found it painful to watch and gave him an early X. The other judges, egged on by Howie, were curious enough to see what he might open next and voted him through to the next round.

There was nothing sleepy about Danny Zzzz’s routine. The St. Catherine’s, ON., resident is an escape artist. When judge Lilly Singh asked how he got into it, he told a tragic and moving story about his son, Mason, who died at 22.

The judges were moved to tears. Howie told Danny that, before the show, he got a call with news that he had a new baby nephew. The child’s name: Mason.

Danny Zzzz got into a wooden crate and his wife and friend handcuffed him, padlocked the lid and dumped snakes and bugs inside the box. Talk about tackling all your fears at once. He emerged to four yesses from the judges.

Finally, Stacey Kay, from Cambridge, ON, took the stage. Howie recognized her – she had been a contestant four or five years earlier on “another talent show,” most likely America’s Got Talent.

Accompanied by a small band and two backup singers, Stacey ripped through a cover of, “Lady Marmalade.”

Blown away, Kardinal turned on Howie for eliminating her on that other show.

“I’m an idiot!” Mandel admitted but was thrilled she took this second chance. All four judges gave her a standing ovation.

Also a record producer, Kardinal teased the audience by asking if she was what the industry was looking for now. Then he answered that question by slamming down on the Golden Buzzer, sending her straight to the semi-finals.

NEXT WEEK: Motor cyclists, more doggies in costumes and an act Howie thinks could go all the way.

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