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Canada's top stocks: how to make sense of the data overload and make the most of your money

Canadian Business magazine unveils its annual ranking of the country’s 500 largest publicly traded companies

TORONTO, May 12 /CNW/ – A shaky economy, roller-coaster markets and
conflicting forecasts—it’s confusing out there. Faced with non-stop
(and often contradictory) information, investors can be forgiven for
not knowing where to turn for advice. But there is good insight to be found beyond the clutter, and more importantly,
armed with the right guidebook, investors can reach some smart
conclusions of their own.

The Canadian Investment 500 is just such a guidebook. All told, there are more than 55 pages of
market data, analysis and insight. Built upon market information
compiled and analyzed by the Canadian Business team, this package offers insights on items like the best-managed, fastest-growing and best value stocks—with ample evidence to back our conclusions.

Highlights from this issue of Canadian Business, on newsstands now, include:

  • Dealing with inflation: We give you the tools for making sense of the chaos—starting with
    advice on investing in inflationary times.

  • What’s your investor IQ? Our quiz separates champs from chumps.

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The I500:
Top 3 Large-cap Companies by 1-Year Return

Rank   Company   1-Year Return (%)
1. Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc.   222.1
2. Silver Wheaton Corp.   153.6
3. Ivanhoe Mines Ltd.   58.7

Top 3 Mid-Cap Companies by 1-Year Return

Rank   Company   1-Year Return (%)
1. First Majestic Silver Corp.   533.7
2. BlackPearl Resources Inc.   171.1
3. Fronteer Gold Inc.   168.3

Top 3 Small-Cap companies by 1-Year Return

Rank   Company   1-Year Return (%)
1. Exploration Orbite Vspa Inc.   3,158.3
2. Reunion Gold Corp.   2,775.0
3. Gold Canyon Resources Inc.   1,279.6

How We Did It:

The Investor 500 package was compiled by the Canadian Business editorial team using Bloomberg. See the issue on newsstands for a
detailed explanation of methodology or go to

About Canadian Business magazine:

Founded in 1928, Canadian Business is the longest-serving, best-selling and most-trusted business
publication in Canada. Canadian Business stands alone as the business magazine in Canada with 100% paid
circulation. With a readership of more than one million, the magazine
is published every second Monday, except in January, July, and August,
when monthly issues are published. Special annual issues of Canadian
Business include he Investor 500, the MBA Guide, the Rich 100 and the
Best and Worst Boards.