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Canadian East Coast artist LxVNDR shares what this year’s 2022 East Coast Music Awards means to her and her family

This week, East Coast musicians and their fans are tuning in across the country for the annual East Coast Music Awards. Taking place between May 4th – 8th, this five-day, non-stop musical celebration supports the development of Atlantic Canadian music, local performers, and music professionals.

As proud presenting sponsors of the 2022 ECMAs, we’re excited to bring you along for the ride as we host the ECMA red carpet. Plus, Rogers very own, Matt MacLellan, president of the Atlantic region, will also take part in this exciting show, presenting the Album of the Year award at the May 4th award ceremony.

Fans can tune into the full broadcast on RogersTV, Seaside, or watch the show online! Follow the fabulous fashion with Red Carpet hosts Nicolle Bellefontain (of 92.9 Jack FM) and Rose Arsenault (formerly from CBC).

Our Rogers team members have even more to celebrate this year, as LxVNDR, the daughter of Rogers network employee Krista Duguay, is nominated for the 2022 African Canadian Artist of the Year, with her EP Warmth nominated for the 2022 Electronic Recording of the Year.

When we heard the good news, we sat down with LxVNDR and Krista to learn more:

Congratulations on your nominations for African Canadian Artist and Electronic Recording of the Year!  How are you feeling about the upcoming ECMAs?

I was so surprised when I heard! Being nominated for two awards feels surreal. I’ve been to the ECMAs before, so it means a lot to finally get out and take part myself as a creator. There’s been a lot of hard work put in and I might be emotional, I’ve got to be honest.

Tell us more about your album Warmth, and the LxVNDR brand.

Warmth, that I created with my dear friend and producer of the album Niimo, was experimental for me, the beats were a lot softer and the music showed more of my feminine side. Sometimes being a woman and being open with emotions can be seen as a weakness – I carried a harder version of myself with me for a long time… this album allowed me to balance things more wholeheartedly. It’s been a good time seeing the music evolve with me and showing a different side of LxVNDR.

The name LxVNDR came from a few influences. I love my quiet days at home and I was reading a book on aura colours. I learned that my aura is lavender and that really resonated with me, also my great-grandmother’s favourite flower was lavender and it has tons of healing properties. My music has always felt like therapy for me so I thought it was perfect.

Speaking of family, here at Rogers we have a family member of yours on our Network Team!

Yes, my Mom is on the Logistics Team for Atlantic Canada and we have family members working for Rogers as well. She loves it, and sees it as meant to be since my Popie (my grandfather), his name was also Roger. Mom says it’s a great work environment with a really kind and sincere team.

You’ve been creating music through the COVID-19 pandemic, did that have an influence on your work?

For a lot of artists, it was like everyone just took their time to pause, but then next thing you know, everyone is dropping music every week, rapid fire. Music helped to meet me where I was at during difficult times, to see things differently and maybe put some sprinkles on it. Man on the Moon III: The Chosen by Kid Cudi just blew my mind last year and I spent a lot of time listening to that.

What influence has technology and digital connectivity had on your art?

It’s pretty much everything now when it comes to the music industry, it’s your ability to reach out and connect with people. It’s the future when it comes to music or really any type of business. It would be great to see more online festivals and broadcasting of artist online Internet series, and more funding available to artists, that would be really cool.

What’s next for LxVNDR?

Lots of new projects coming, and Niimo and I will be premiering songs from our new EP at the ECMAs this weekend! So much new music to come, keep an eye out, please.

All of Rogers is cheering LxVNDR on as she takes the stage and shares her passion with international audiences.

Follow LxVNDR’s journey on Instagram @iamlxvndr, or via Facebook @lxvndrastrology, and tune in live to the RogersTV broadcast! To listen to LxVNDR and other East Coast artists, check out the East Coast Music Awards Presented by Rogers playlist on Spotify below!

About the East Coast Music Awards

The East Coast Music Association (ECMA) is a regional collaboration of people in the music industry of Atlantic Canada. As a registered non-profit association dedicated to the music of Atlantic Canada, it is ECMA’s mission to develop, advance and celebrate East Coast Canadian music, its artists and its industry professionals to ensure they can sustain music careers while based in Canada’s Atlantic region.

Now in its 34th year, the 2022 East Coast Music Awards Festival and Conference will be held May 4-8, 2022 in Fredericton, NB.