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Career Spotlight: Peter Dafos, Install and Service Technician

Peter Dafos

We sat down with Peter Dafos, Install and Service Technician, as part of our monthly series that profiles unique jobs around Rogers.

What’s exciting about the work you do?

Our customers! Each one is unique and every installation gives me the opportunity to interact with them. I take a lot of pride in helping our customers set up their services. Seeing them happy is satisfying.

How does your work impact the customer experience?

Telecommunications is at the heart of everyone’s lives, whether in a big way or on a small scale. We help Canadians connect to family, friends and coworkers no matter where they are. I know for me, my video calls with my daughter make my day!

Tell us about the people you work with – what makes them great?

I gravitate towards people who share the same passion for technology, and who have the same drive to help our customers. Lucky for me, all of the managers I’ve had throughout my 11-year career have been great leaders who share these traits, and have given me great knowledge to learn and grow from.

How does it feel to be starring in our Ignite TV campaign ads?

Simply, wow! It’s a dream come true. I’ve always been proud to work at Rogers and I am over the moon that I was chosen to represent our brand in such a big way! Meeting these big celebrities in person was pretty special.

What makes you proud to work for Rogers?

We are an all-Canadian company, and are focused on innovating – Ignite TV is a great example of that. We take a lot of pride in making sure our customers are at the heart of everything we do – it’s one of our core company values.


Check out Peter’s debut TV ad here and connect with him LinkedIn to learn more about his career journey.