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Career Spotlight: My Phung Giang, Senior Manager Fido Customer Service

My Phung Giang

We sat down with My Phung Giang, Senior Manager Fido Customer Service, as part of our monthly series that profiles unique jobs around Rogers.

Tell us about your career journey at Rogers.

I have been in the call centre for my entire career at Rogers. I started as a Customer Service Consultant and moved through various roles, such as Quality Analyst, Escalations Advisor, Quality Manager, and Performance Enablement Manager.  My current role is the Senior Manager for Fido Care at the Burnaby Centre. It’s hard to believe that it has been 16 years!

How does your work impact the customer experience?

The team leaders and frontline team really are the biggest influencers of customer experience.  My frontline team interact with our customers’ everyday; they know them better than any of us!  Their dedication and willingness to help on every call amazes me.  It is a tough role but they take it head on. My Team Leaders coach and develop our frontline team to be the best consultants they can be!

What does innovation look like on your team?

Innovation looks like challenging the status quo of how we do things.  For the most part, we have our priorities set (the what), but we get to be creative with the how. We came up with different ways to engage our frontline team through various employee satisfaction initiatives such as BBQs, sports day, and videos. We focus on ways of recognizing that are personable, consistent, and meaningful.

How do you look for ways to do things better?

I rely on my team leaders and frontline team to tell me what needs to be better.   The frontline team are closest to our customers; my team leaders are closest to our frontline team. The best thing that our site has ever done is have our senior leadership team sit with all the employees. No offices.  Being in the midst of the daily activities helps me observe what is really going on, and interact with people. Through that approach, I learn a lot about what works, and what we need to change.

What makes you proud to work for Rogers?

I am proud of the level of investment on development.  The coaching, continuous learning courses, training… all of the resources available to us because we care about people. That makes me so proud to be here.

Connect with My Phung on LinkedIn to learn more about her career journey.