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Celebrating and honouring Indigenous Peoples and Culture

Part of our journey to build a more inclusive culture at Rogers includes celebrating and honouring Indigenous Culture. We recognize that we have a role and responsibility to advocate for change and drive progress for Indigenous Peoples at Rogers and across Canada using our assets, platforms, partnerships, as well as the voices of our team members, to make a meaningful difference.

From building our Downie-Wenjack Legacy Spaces in Toronto and Kelowna to supporting the national, provincial, local and Indigenous governments in resolving the inequity of the digital divide for rural, remote and Indigenous communities, we recently laid out the steps we have taken across our business to build Indigenous inclusion and representation. In this digital canvas you can find our progress – along with a commitment to do more – against a backdrop of Indigenous art and design by Patrick Hunter, Tom Wilson and Philip Cote. It also serves as a reminder that our most important work lies ahead in our path to reconciliation, and that each of us plays a role in fostering inclusion for Indigenous Peoples on our team and in external communities. 

This is meaningful symbol of commitment not only to our team members, but to our customers from coast-to-coast-to-coast.