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Celebrating International Youth Day with the YMCA of Greater Toronto and its new Black Achievers mentorship program

Today is the United Nations’ International Youth Day, a day when governments and citizens around the world come together to celebrate youth and raise awareness of the problems faced by our younger generation. It’s fitting that today, the YMCA of Greater Toronto launches its new Black Achievers mentorship program, designed to broaden horizons and increase support for Black youth by providing the opportunity to develop socially and academically with the support of Black mentors and role models.

Here at Rogers, our partnership with the YMCA runs deep, through both the Ted Rogers Community Grants and from within the Rogers organization, with team members volunteering as mentors to help Black youth overcome systemic barriers.

According to Statistics Canada, Black youth are less likely than their counterparts to have a post-secondary certificate, diploma or degree – with young Black males twice as likely to be unemployed or not pursuing an education. These statistics underscore the importance in developing a mentorship program like Black Achievers, so that Black youth can connect and engage with mentors and role models from the community and see attainable possibilities first-hand.

Kicking off in September 2021, this program will be initially open (virtually) to Black youth ages 14 to 19 currently enrolled in high school and residing in the Kingston Galloway, Malvern and Dorset Park neighbourhoods in Scarborough, bringing together Black youth and mentors to meaningfully support them in their endeavours.

The YMCA is looking for interested mentors in the community as well as mentees in the Scarborough region to participate in the inaugural program. If you are interested in learning more, visit