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How chatr enables connections for new Canadians

New Canadians face challenges and hurdles when immigrating, and staying connected should not be one of them

Newcomers are an integral part of our Canadian landscape. Since 1991, Canada has welcomed more than 250,000 immigrants each year! Toronto Newcomer Day is an annual celebration to welcome newcomers to Canada, help them understand and access a range of services, and celebrate their contributions to the city and country. The largest newcomer celebration in the country, Toronto Newcomer Day celebrates all new Canadians, but be sure to look out for newcomer events in your city! chatr is a proud sponsor of Toronto Newcomer Day, and connecting Canadians is what we do best.

Setting up a smartphone is essential to the success of a newcomer to Canada. Newcomers are looking for a plan that suits their needs at an acceptable price, without sacrificing network coverage and reliability. Immediate needs are to connect with family back home, and as they settle in connectivity needs expand as they travel around the country and create more social connections.

Here’s how chatr enables connections for new Canadians:

When new Canadians arrive at Toronto Pearson airport, they are greeted by chatr representatives to help them get connected on the spot to nationwide talk, text and data, plus a free SIM card. Newcomers are offered a free call home anywhere in the world to let their loved ones know that they have arrived safely.

For those that are new to Canada and are still navigating the job market and banking system, chatr provides new customers instant connectivity. Setting up basic services may be difficult for newcomers that have not yet built credit or set up a bank account. From a variety of low cost plans to choose from, new customers can activate a phone line almost immediately with no credit checks and no term contracts! The plans are flexible, so that customers can cancel or upgrade at anytime.

Powered by the Rogers network, network reliability and nationwide coverage is at the core of chatr’s commitment to customers. Getting set up on a reliable phone plan is a necessary tool to stay connected with the new aspects of Canadian life. Access to data, talk, and text, will help newcomers connect with potential employers, social services, government agencies, housing options, and more. Especially during a job search, talk and voicemail is essential for staying connected anytime anywhere.

Today’s technology is full of possibilities, and there are so many advantages to owning a smartphone. Newcomers can use translation apps to learn the new language, transportation apps to navigate their way around the city, and social networking apps to stay connected to friends and family back home.

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