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Confidence and independence made possible through Fresh Start and Rogers Connected for Success™

August 13, 2021


Kristen O’Hanley knows what success looks like.  The Prevention Coordinator at Fresh Start Services for Women sees it as she walks through her neighbourhood and meets former clients. They’re eager to share their progress, full of new-found confidence, and these encounters remind O’Hanley that community connections really matter.

Fresh Start is a Saint John, New Brunswick organization committed to reducing poverty and homelessness by helping women in need develop life skills, like problem-solving and budgeting, while breaking down barriers and empowering women to reach their full potential, through support, education, and advocacy.  And for women at risk of eviction – due to late rent, miscommunication with landlords, behavioral challenges, trouble getting maintenance done, or other tenancy-related issues – the path to housing stability starts with communication, planning, and connection to resources.

O’Hanley points to her organization’s partnership with Rogers Connected for Success – the company’s high-speed low-cost Internet program – as a vital part of her clients’ success by bridging the digital divide.  Connected for Success is available to qualifying customers receiving income support through the Social Assistance ProgramDisability Support Program, or for senior New Brunswickers receiving the Guaranteed Income Supplement.  It is available everywhere in New Brunswick that Rogers offers Internet service.

“With Connected for Success, our clients can tap into to the critical supports and resources they need right from home. They don’t have to rely on our open business hours or a support worker to facilitate calls to book medical appointments or connect with their case managers and other supports. This helps builds their confidence and independence,” says O’Hanley.  “And when children can see their mother taking control of her life, her education, her bills, and other responsibilities, that sends a powerful message. It helps to break a generational cycle.”

As of April 1st, a year into the organizations’ new homelessness prevention program, O’Hanley cites an 82% success rate keeping clients in their homes, through collaboration with more than 40 landlords, housing partners and community agencies.  A big part of the program is helping clients prioritize and develop a budget that meets their needs – that’s where Connected for Success also plays a role, helping to manage their monthly expenses.

“Connected for Success is so much more than Internet service – it’s a very human exchange. The Rogers team treats our clients with dignity and respect,” adds O’Hanley. “These women have been through enough already and need a clean slate. The low-cost Internet program also allows our clients to develop positive budgeting and payment habits to build their credit rating – which is an important step forward.”

Working together with community partners like Fresh Start, Rogers is committed to helping bridge the digital divide through its local investment programs and affordable products and services, including Connected for Success.The program is currently available to upwards of 750,000 Canadians in Rogers Internet footprint in Ontario, New Brunswick and Newfoundland for those who receive income or disability support, the maximum childcare benefit, rent-geared-income housing, and seniors receiving guaranteed income supplement. The program also offers speed tiers to support the evolving connectivity needs of Canadians.

To learn more about Rogers Connected for Success and to see if you are eligible, please visit: or speak with one of our representatives by calling 1-866-689-0758, Monday-Friday 9am-6pm ET or Saturday-Sunday 9am-5pm ET.