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March 18, 2010

News Releases

MONTREAL, March 18 /CNW/ – Rogers Publishing Limited has re-launched Quebec’s leading Web portal for financial professionals: Combining the strengths of three of Canada’s most trusted French financial content sources, Canada’s French-speaking financial professionals can now access the best and most trusted content available to them in one place.

The single entry point brings together content from:

- : the online resource for financial advisors in Quebec;

    - : the only French website in Canada devoted to the
        group pension and benefits sector; and,

    - : the online resource for property and
        casualty insurance professionals in Quebec.

“With a single point of entry catering to three distinct audiences, the financial portal offers access to a wide variety of specialized content for the entire Quebec financial services industry,” says Jean Goulet, Executive Publisher and General Manager of Operations and Business Development (Quebec), Business and Professional Publishing, Rogers Publishing Limited.

A wide choice of professional content, all in one place

The new portal presents options for financial industry professionals who often work in more than one field. For example, financial advisors who also offer group pension and benefits products can now access even more content-rich material at The same flexibility is true for property and casualty insurance brokers who also handle investment products, or for benefits consultants who are looking for solutions in property and casualty insurance.

In addition to providing information, tools and practical advice to its thousands of engaged readers, will be a platform where the Quebec financial community will share information. Back issues of the Conseiller, Avantages, and Assurance business publications will also be available online. makes it easier than ever for industry professionals to keep up-to-date.

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