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Customer solution specialist Cynthia Owusu Danquah shares a passion for “providing world-class customer service”

While most Canadians had to stay home more than ever for the past year, here at Rogers, we had a similar approach for our customer-facing teams. Last year, we completed the final stage of bringing our remaining customer service positions into Canada, making 100 per cent of our customer service team based on Canadian soil. For the past year, whenever customers call in to speak to someone about their services, whether they’re a Rogers, Fido or chatr customer, they’ve been speaking to a member of their community who can directly relate to their needs.

Montreal-based Cynthia Owusu Danquah is one of these team members. A Customer Solution Specialist, Cynthia began working at Fido more than 15 years ago as a recent college graduate. “At first, I wanted to work for a period of about six months,” Cynthia said. “That plan quickly changed as I started seeing a whole new dimension of the company.”  

When asked about what inspires Cynthia, especially during such challenging months spent a home, she said: “the culture and the amazing people that I have encountered throughout my career.” We wanted to hear more about Cynthia, so she shared her experience working from home over the last year.

Tell us about when you began working from home – how was that transition?

After the company began transitioning everyone to work from home, they moved really quickly to make sure that we were kept safe and healthy, and our customers remained connected – over 7,000 specialists were working from home by May 2020!

I began working from home in April of 2020 and the transition was very smooth. I received my work from home package on my day off and on my next shift, I started setting up. The instructions provided by the work from home team were easy and straight forward, it was so easy! Within a matter of a couple of hours, I was all set up and ready for my first customer interaction. Since, then, it’s been overall a smooth journey and any technical issues that I’ve had, have always been quickly fixed so that I can continue making sure that every customer interaction makes a lasting impression and puts a smile on their face!

What has been the biggest advantage about working from home this last year? How has your daily life changed?

The biggest advantage for me is the commuting and being available for my two children who are nine and ten years old. I can use my breaks and lunch to do household chores, and I use the time I would normally be commuting home to do other things, which helps with a stronger work-life balance.  

Aside from that, I can have some quality time every morning by walking before my shift. Since it’s been so soothing and peaceful, I’ve applied for a permanent work from home position!

Tell us about your customer interactions since you began working from home.

My customer interactions have not really changed since I began working from home, and in fact, I feel that my performance has improved. I believe it’s because I am more relaxed (no commute) therefore, less stressed overall and therefore better able to focus only on the needs of our customers.

A few times, I’ve forgotten to disable my home phone ringer a couple of times or the doorbell will ring or something unexpected might occur. But, customers seem to be used to this new reality because it has not once interfered. Also, if I have any issues, I manage their expectations and customers are extremely understanding. When I first started working from home, I would have at least two or three customers inquire about whether I was home or at the office but as the months pass, I rarely get asked that question though it does still come up periodically.

I remember a month ago, a customer and I bonded over the positives that working from home has brought to our individual lives. One thing that stood out to me the most was family. We both agreed that in recent times, we’ve had the pleasure of spending more time with our families which is invaluable.

How are you and your colleagues keeping connected while you’re physically apart?

At first, it was difficult not being able to physically see my colleagues especially during my lunches and breaks. However, as time passed, we’ve found other ways to connect.

Over the last year, the company has organized many events for us that were so well organized really helped me feel connected to my colleagues. During team meetings, we are encouraged to turn on our cameras to help us feel connected. In our department, we have also organized activities after hours like what we would have done if we were in person e.g. virtual social gatherings.

Thank you, Cynthia for all that you do – and for keeping our customers connected during a time when they needed it most!