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Elevating the Customer Experience: Sales leader Kendall Milne Bancroft shares how Rogers is making it easier for customers to access Ignite services

Meeting the needs of our customers continues to be at the forefront of everything that we do and expanding our Ignite self-serve capabilities gives us the opportunity to further enhance the services that we provide.

Building on its commitment to exceptional service, Rogers has introduced a new option for its customers to access Ignite Internet and TV services with the launch of Ignite Grab and GoTM. Rogers customers can now walk into select retail stores and walk out with everything they need to successfully install their Ignite services at their convenience, giving them more choice and control of their home installation – a true one-stop-shop retail experience. Ignite Grab and Go is the next iteration of our self-installation program, and customers will be able to benefit from not only equipment courier and technician installations, but now same-day in-store activations.

To highlight how pivotal this new service will be to Canadians, we sat down with Senior Vice President of Home Division Sales, Kendall Milne Bancroft, to share the benefits of Ignite Grab and Go and here is what she had to say:

1. How will Ignite Grab and Go benefit customers?

Once a customer has signed up and activated their Ignite services, they will have the ability to walk out of a Rogers store with their equipment and self-install it that same day. This gives the customer more convenience and flexibility putting more power in their hands.

2. What are the service options Rogers provides to customers?

Customers can sign up for Ignite services online, over the phone, with a door-to-door sales representative, and in-store. Ultimately, our focus is to drive higher customer satisfaction. Enabling our customers to activate more Rogers services with greater flexibility and convenience enables us to continuously improve our services so more Canadians can stay connected.

3. What are the requirements to be eligible for Ignite Grab and Go?

An in-store Rogers representative will confirm whether or not the customer has met the Ignite Grab and Go requirements. If eligible, Ignite customers can quickly and easily self-install their equipment after activating their Ignite Internet and TV services in store, this includes adding additional WiFi Pods. Simply follow the provided step-by-step instructions to install the equipment.

Rogers continues to focus on keeping Canadians connected and providing the convenience and support that a busy lifestyle requires. Ignite Grab and Go services are now available in select retail stores across Ontario, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland.