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Experience the culture and creativity of Italian film, now from the comfort of your living room

While many things may look a bit different this year, the art of cinema and the joy of entering the worlds of dramatic thrillers, insightful documentaries and heartwarming dramas will never change. In partnership with the Italian Contemporary Film Festival (ICFF), Rogers is offering its TV customers the opportunity to live “La Dolce Vita” with exclusive access to the first ever ICFF at Home, an expertly curated collection of Italian films to celebrate the beauty of Italian films and culture, without having to leave their home.

Rogers Ignite TV and Digital TV customers will have access to 13 ICFF films that will take them on a journey of Italian cinema. Go behind the lens and discover the world of the renowned director Federico Fellini, and how his distinctive style made him one of the most influential filmmakers of all time. Love Italian-inspired food? Follow the youngest Michelin-Star chef, Lorenzo Gogo, as he embarks on an adventure to discover the origins of one of the most iconic Italian recipes, known as “baccalà.”

Other films in the collection include: the Italian box office hit Tolo Tolo, written, directed and starring the beloved Italian comedian Checco Zalone; Hammamet, a 2020 Italian biographical drama, based on the last years of Bettino Craxi’s life, one of the most important and controversial Italian leaders of the 1980s; and remarkable documentary Renzo Piano: The Architect of Light by award-winning director Carlos Saura, part of the ICFF Architettura & Design special event. To learn more about the films, visit

To explore, Ignite TV customers can say “Italian Film Festival” into their voice remote and Digital TV customers can visit Channel 100. The collection is available starting November 29 until December 8.

Buona visione!