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Fido's home and mobile calling are now 'UNO' with one phone, one number and one bill

May 6, 2008

News Releases

    First to offer Canadians unlimited at-home calling on one mobile handset

    TORONTO, May 6 /CNW/ - Fido today launched a Canadian first for the
wireless industry with its new service, Fido UNO™. Fido UNO works by
connecting calls from a specially-enabled handset to a high-speed Internet
connection when at home and through the Fido network when on the go - offering
simple, seamless mobility and the ultimate in converged communications
convenience. Customers now have the freedom to talk as much as they want on
their Fido phone while at home without using up their wireless plan minutes
and all the benefits of a mobile when they're not.
    "More and more Canadians live a wireless lifestyle and are looking for
mobile solutions to help them save time and money," says Patrick
Hadsipantelis, Vice President, Fido Marketing. "Fido UNO offers a simple,
seamless wireless experience for customers who want the convenience of using
the same phone whether they're out and about or at home."
    Fido UNO combines the benefits of cellular, home phone and high-speed
Internet services into one handset. Customers can make unlimited local and
Canadian long-distance(1) wireless calls at home by leveraging an existing
high-speed Internet connection with the same handset they use as their mobile
device. A Fido voice-optimizing wireless router enhances wireless call clarity
and reception inside the home network. Customers use the same handset inside
and outside the home offering the convenience of having one phone number, one
voicemail, one address book and one bill - all on one phone.

    (1) Customers can choose between a monthly unlimited local calling plan
    or a monthly plan for unlimited local and Canadian long distance calling

    How It Works
    Fido UNO set up is simple. To activate the service, customers will need:

    1) A Fido UNO handset enabled for WiFi calling
    2) A Fido UNO option in addition to any Fido voice plans
    3) A Fido UNO voice-optimizing wireless router
    4) A high-speed Internet connection with a minimum speed of 512 Kbps

    Simply connect the wireless router to any high-speed Internet modem and
turn the handset on. The handset will recognize the wireless router, enabling
it to place calls through the Internet. Inside the home, the Fido phone
displays a WiFi symbol on its screen when operating on the home network;
outside of the home network, the cellphone automatically switches seamlessly
to Fido's network, displaying a GSM symbol on the handset screen, even during
your call.

    Pricing and Availability
    Fido UNO is currently available on the Nokia 6301 retailing for $50 on a
three-year plan, at Fido stores across Canada.
    Fido UNO offers plans for $15/month (unlimited local calling) or
$20/month (unlimited local and Canadian long distance) for wireless calling at
home, in addition to the regular wireless voice plan. Existing customers can
add the service to a current voice plan with the purchase of a UNO-enabled
handset and receive the voice-optimizing wireless router free of charge.
    For more information visit:

    About Fido
    Fido offers Canadian consumers and businesses a wide range of wireless
voice and data communications products and services, including international
roaming in 200 countries/areas. Fido is wholly owned by Rogers Wireless Inc.,
Canada's largest wireless provider and the country's only carrier operating on
the global standard GSM technology platform. For more information, please