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Five strategies to make 2008 a year to remember, from MoneySense magazine

    TORONTO, Jan. 2 /CNW/ - Can a New Year's resolution really change your
life? MoneySense magazine thinks it can-but most of us don't make the right
resolutions. Rather than simply wishing we could lose weight or save more
money, what we need are simple, practical changes that can actually change our
    To help pinpoint the best resolutions, MoneySense magazine has gathered
five of the smartest people we know for their tips on how to make 2008 your
best year ever. Readers will be surprised at these secrets for living better.

    Some of MoneySense's tips for a successful year include:-   Making a financial "date" once a week to talk numbers with your
    -   Ditching your daytimer and canceling your appointments
    -   Tuning out the noise - watching TV will make you stupid, and will
        make you poor. The best times to buy are when all the chatter says
        investing is scary. And the worst times to buy are when the chatter
        is all blue-sky.
    -   Starting 2008 by daydreaming: visualize exactly where you want to be
        in 10, 20 and 30 years.
    -   Learning the virtues of self-deceptionFor more insight on starting 2008 on the right foot, financially, turn to
the issue of MoneySense on newsstands today.

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