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Frank Stronach bets the company on a struggling car maker - Can this possibly end well?

A brand new Canadian Business magazine, representing the most thorough
    re-launch in its 80-year history of publishing, arrives on newsstands
    across the country starting today.

TORONTO, Sept. 24 /CNW/ – Whenever Canada’s most flamboyant entrepreneur sets his mind on expanding his business interests, he doesn’t worry too much about whether it makes sense to others. The risks that other people must take to fulfill his vision aren’t terribly important either. Herculean efforts by Stronach and his co-CEO have put Magna in control of General Motors’ troubled European division – Adam Opel.

Stronach is now embarking on what is undoubtedly the biggest gamble in a long career of rolling the dice. The newly re-launched Canadian Business magazine, arriving on newsstands across the country today, examines Stronach’s latest move, which has already put Magna at odds with its customers.

Inside the dysfunctional NHL players’ union

Lying, Spying, Backstabbing and paranoia: the NHL players union has it all – and it’s about to get a whole lot worse.

Harper or Ignatieff: Who’s best for business?

Canada’s economic future and fiscal health are at a crossroads. The key question deciding Canada’s next election may be which leader is best qualified to be the steward of Canada’s future prosperity. Whoever can prove he has the better plan will have a shot at a majority government. The loser is almost certainly headed into a political wasteland.

How to be the perfect executive spouse

Being married to a top executive has its ups and downs. The role of an executive spouse is to be a team player. A new consulting company teaches couples how to excel at helping their high-powered partners.

Expenses: The booming forensic accounting industry is watching you

A growing industry is helping companies track every plane ticket, martini and paper clip. More than ever, a dubious receipt could mean your job.

Peter C. Newman on the most influential lobbyist in Canadian history

For three decades, Thomas D’Aquino has fought for Canada’s growth and progress. He’s ready to pass on the torch.

The Performer

Ernie Els, one of the greatest pro golfers of the modern era, talks about the power of focus, controlling your emotions and respecting luck.

What’s new about Canadian Business magazine

The new re-launched Canadian Business is bold, engaging, provocative and entertaining. It’s easy to read with a sophisticated and attractive look inspired by the glamour and adventure of modern business. Great storytelling, outstanding journalism, analysis and perspective remain the backbone of the magazine.

About Canadian Business magazine:

Founded in 1928, Canadian Business is the longest-serving, best-selling and most-trusted business publication in Canada. Canadian Business stands alone as the business magazine in Canada with majority paid circulation. With a readership of more than one million, the magazine is published every second Monday, except in January, July and August, when monthly issues are published. Special annual issues of Canadian Business include the Investor 500, the MBA Guide and the Rich 100. Visit