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[From Cityline] 5 easy tech tips and tricks to be kinder to the planet

April 22, 2022


By Winston Sih

Today, we’re celebrating Earth Day – an opportunity to celebrate this planet we call home and acknowledge the work that still needs to be done to protect our environment, both in big and small ways.

You might not know that making a positive impact can begin at the tip of your finger!

Technology has simplified many aspects of our lives, and as we connect more devices to our everyday work, life, and everything in between, there are small things we can do to help be more mindful of the planet.

1. Drop the brightness levels

This is something we can do on any desktop, laptop, or phone. Cutting your monitor or laptop’s screen brightness might seem like a minor thing to do, but the energy savings will add up over time. 

For desktops, you can lower the brightness on the monitor, while on laptops, there are function keys on the keyboard that allow you to toggle the backlit display. Alternatively, an investment in a good, eco-friendly monitor can help with incredible savings and smart energy consumption. Many modern displays are now mercury-free and are made from recycled materials.

2. Recycling your tech 

Remember those old phones that you would just keep in your drawer for years? Chances are, you may never look at them again. Batteries wear out and expand, displays deteriorate, so make sure you backup your precious memories when you switch devices.

Better yet… recycle! Rogers and Fido help customers make the most of used devices and accessories through three eco-friendly programs that work to divert them from landfills:

Trade your used devices in good working condition for bill credits that can either be applied towards your phone upgrade or as a lump-sum bill credit through Rogers Trade Up and FidoTRADE programs.

3. If you can’t recycle your devices, make sure you properly dispose of e-waste with a reputable source.  

Harmful chemicals from electronics buried in the landfills could seep into­ and poison ­water systems. Additionally, you put yourself at risk for identity theft. So, ensure you dispose of your devices properly by looking up a proper electronics disposal facility in your municipality. 

4. Shop more sustainably with the help of an app!

Making informed and eco-friendly choices can be tricky, especially when there’s so much information out there. Luckily, there’s an app for that! Yuka app helps users make more informed choices when identifying healthier and environmentally friendly food and cosmetics products — all in a single barcode scan. This results in better product choices for consumers health and driving manufacturers to offer healthier and sustainable products.

5. Think about your water consumption

We all love a hot shower, but what if we could make that more efficient? GROHE SmartControl allows you to use the right amount of water that you need and not a drop more!

Surround yourself with lazy droplets of summer rain or just enough to massage and soothe away the day. Turn the volume all the way up for a deluge or down to deliver a fine spray. Or choose the right degree of warmth for every water drop. You can even pause the water to apply shampoo and conditioner. 

Interested in learning more about how you can make a big impact in little ways? I had the chance to share more tech tips and tricks this week on Cityline – check it out!