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Get the popcorn out, more 4K content is available at Rogers

June 23, 2017

Saturday nights at home just got a lot more interesting! We’re adding four new 4K services to our existing 4K lineup making customers’ TV experience even more life-like. Starting today, some of the world’s biggest artists, concerts, events and movies are now available in crystal clear 4K, bringing customers closer to the action right from the comfort of their living room. So, what’s new exactly? Take a look at some of the new offerings customers with a 4K subscription can get:
  • Festival 4K (on 986) 4K customers get 24/7 coverage of popular music festivals, events and shows from around the world.
  • XITE 4K (on 987) Rogers is the first provider to bring this content to Canadians! Think Drake, Beyonce, Adele and more – XITE runs hit music videos in gorgeous 4K quality.
  • 4K Movies (on 993) A one stop shop for popular movies in 4K ($7.99/month).
  • 4K Entertainment (on 992) Tune in to big events like UFC, boxing, concerts and more through this pay-per-view service.
These new services compliment the 300+ hours of live 4K sports content airing in 2017, including 100 Blue Jays, NHL, and NBA games on Sportsnet 4K* and Sportsnet ONE 4K*. And to make sure not to miss your favourite event or movie, customers can record up to eight 4K programs at once and store up to 90 hours of 4K content through their NextBoxTM 4K PVR. Did you know? 2017 is projected to be another big year for 4K TV sales. Manufacturers expect 4K sales to top 50% of the market. Now, it’s a matter of delivering great new content for people to watch and that’s where we come in. Plans for our TV platform don’t stop here. In addition to new 4K content, Rogers will continue to invest throughout the year to improve stability, upgrade mobile apps, and enhance our Nextbox set-top-box. And, in early 2018, we’ll be launching a world-class IPTV platform for customers. Lots of exiting things happening on the TV front! For more information on 4K, check out