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Get a sneak peek into 5G at #BCTECHSummit!

Curious as to what all the 5G hype is about? This year at the annual #BCTECHSummit conference held in Vancouver, British Columbia, attendees who visit the Rogers’ technology booth get a sneak peek at some exciting demos to learn all about upcoming network opportunities.

Here is a behind the scenes look at the top four exhibits from the booth:

5G Storyboard
This interactive, self-guided touch presentation provides a high-level overview of 5G capabilities, business cases, radio and core network! With a live 5G drive test, this presentation shows why 5G is relevant for several industries.


A competitive two-person game requiring fast reaction times to win, strike-a-light highlights low latency as participants wear BlackOut goggles that feed video from a camera on the front to an encoder. The latency of the video stream’s packets can be changed to simulate 5G, 4G and 3G latency, giving users a simulation of the effects of various amounts of latency on a network. It’s a fun way to show how low latency can enable new use cases such as machine type communication, robotics, and autonomous driving.


Internet of Eyes
The Internet of Eyes demo uses a toy train that stops for obstacles on the track that are visually tracked by four cameras pointing at the scene, using deep learning based vision applications to identify the objects. This type of application will be useful in transportation, and public safety systems, as operators can build vision based learning into the network and offer value added services to end uses with camera, and AI based use cases.


Urban Explorer Demo
An outside-in approach to mixed reality, the Urban Explorer Demo is enabled by 5G edge cloud, allowing users to explore an AR visualization of the digital city twin, mixing in plans for future buildings. Users are immersed in 360 degree mixed reality street level experience to view building plans, providing opportunities to bridge 3D data synergies between mixed reality and the LIDAR-data that autonomous vehicles produce.

5G technology will truly transform our world with everything from Smart Cities, to real-time robotics in operating rooms. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from #BCTECHSummit on the future of 5G!