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Giving back to the environment – How we’re taking environmental action to make a difference in our communities

Bénévoles de Rogers à l’extérieur qui portent un masque et tiennent des sacs d’ordures.

Giving Tuesday is a day encouraging people to give back in whatever ways they can, whether that’s donating money to a meaningful cause, volunteering, or giving back to those in need in a way that feels good to them. According to the Giving Tuesday website, this day is meant as “an opportunity for people around the world to come together through generosity in all its forms by sharing acts of kindness and giving their voice, time, money, goods and advocacy to support communities and causes.”

We know that Giving Tuesday is just one day in 365, and that giving comes in all different ways, shapes and sizes. One of the ways we’re giving back not just today, but every day, is through our commitment to making a meaningful impact in helping the environment.

Cleaning up our local communities

Rogers is on a journey to create a more sustainable future, and our commitment to the environment is embedded in our culture and our values. At the heart of our green strategy is our people, and the desire to give back runs deep in Team Possible. Retail Store Manager, Natasha Britto was looking for ways her and her Fido retail team could give back to her local community and came across a park cleaning initiative that was originally organized by Richard Omar-Ali in Field Operations.

More hands meant even more areas to clean, and Natasha and Richard’s teams joined forces and spent the day cleaning up the park, getting to know each other and chatting with community members who thanked them for their work, all while proudly wearing their Rogers Give Together T-shirts. One of the volunteers summed it up by saying, “it was great doing something that made this community better and safe for everyone!”

Limiting our environmental impact

Today our devices are vital to keeping us connected to the world around us – and as the latest technologies continue to hit the store shelves, it’s no secret that our electronic junk drawers are starting to pile up. Here at Rogers we’re doing our part – today and beyond – to ensure that devices are safely and securely recycled after their point of use so that we can limit our environmental impact and conserve our natural resources.

If you’re looking to upgrade to the latest smartphone this holiday season, plan ahead and trade in your old phone for a credit towards your new one with the Rogers Trade-Up program!

By recycling our unused devices, we can help power the way forward for Canada and make our sustainable future possible for us all.

Learn more about our wireless and cable device recycling programs.

Giving green, growing green:

At Rogers, our teams come together to give together and now more than ever, the need to factor in our green impact is crucial as we look to the future of Canada. That’s why we’re finding new ways to go green and incorporate clean initiatives into our everyday lives – at work and at home.

  • New this year, we’re planting a tree in recognition of key employee service milestones (for one, three, and five years of service), with an estimated 8,000 to 10,000 trees planted annually. When you grow your career at Rogers, you help grow a Canadian forest.
  • With garbage bags and gloves in hand, teams and their families supported World Cleanup Day and Oceanwise / World Wildlife Fund’s Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup, picking up 1,400 kilograms of waste across 30 kilometres of shoreline. 
  • We’ve donated thousands of dollars through employee giving to support environmental charitable organizations like World Wildlife Fund Canada, The Nature Conservancy of Canada, Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, Nature Canada, David Suzuki Foundation, and Environmental Defence.