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Government aid rewards mediocre management: Canadian CEOs

Find out what business leaders are thinking at and
    in the pages of Canadian Business magazine on newsstands nowTORONTO, Nov. 20 /CNW/ - Government aid to prevent a bankruptcy merely
rewards mediocre management and encourages firms to take risks under the
belief government will bail them out in the event of insolvency, say 80% of
business leaders in this week's Canadian Business CEO/Business Leader Poll.
    Every week, the Canadian Business magazine's CEO/Business Leader Poll
asks small- and medium-size business executives tough questions like these on
issues that affect all Canadian business people. Undertaken weekly by COMPAS
on behalf of Canadian Business magazine, the poll results appear in print and
weekly on
    This week's poll focused on the increasingly bleak economic outlook for
Canada, which has put renewed pressure on governments to assist floundering
companies, particularly auto manufacturers. We asked business leaders: Should
governments intervene? If so, at what stage? To find out the full results and
look through the archives of previous polls, click on The CEO Poll at or pick up an issue of Canadian Business on newsstands.

    Some questions asked in recent CEO Polls:

    When should investors be getting back into the stock market game? Is
Barack Obama the best leader for the U.S.? What about global warming and the
carbon tax? Did the Bank of Canada do the right thing in slashing interest
rates?Some recent findings form CEO polls:

    -  If you're increasingly frustrated by the quality of customer service
       these days, you're not alone. Two-thirds of the 110 Canadian business
       leaders surveyed by COMPAS Inc. say the service quality at large
       companies is deteriorating.

    -  Does employment insurance need reforming? Yes, say the majority of
       CEOs polled, in response to a recently released EI reform report.

    -  A majority of business leaders the current financial situation is not
       as serious as that which led to the Great Depression.

    -  CEOs were divided about when - and how - to get back into the
       turbulent market. Asked for the advice they would give to a young
       acquaintance looking to get into the stock market again, 40% of the
       respondents said now is the right time.The CEO/Business Leader Poll panel comprises CEOs and leaders of small,
medium and large companies from across Canada. The poll is sponsored by BDO
Dunwoody LLP.

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