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Helping Canadians respond during the 2023 wildfire season

At Rogers, we are committed to building a resilient Canada. This commitment includes partnering with organizations like the Canadian Red Cross and BC Search and Rescue Association (BCSARA) to enable emergency preparedness and provide immediate support when disasters strike communities. It also means helping customers stay connected to critical resources and loved ones.  

The 2023 wildfire season showed us the unfortunate and increasing impacts of climate change. Rogers was proud this year to further deepen its support to help residents, emergency services, and customers in need across multiple supports.  

  • Donated over $1 million to Canadian Red Cross wildfire appeals with funds supporting immediate relief and ongoing recovery efforts in British Columbia, Alberta, and Nova Scotia & Atlantic Canada, ensuring resources are in place throughout the fire season now and in the future. 
  • Launched text-to-donate, making it easy for Canadians to donate through their phones, with funds for Alberta fires matched by the federal and provincial government, tripling the impact. 
  • Supported the 78 B.C. Search and Rescue teams through a program to support cellular and data plans, including First Priority Service allowing responders priority access to the Rogers network, in addition to new and specialized equipment and technology to help volunteers save lives. 
  • Proactively waived wireless and residential services for impacted customers in B.C., Alberta, and Nova Scotia where applicable. 
  • Provided up-to-the-minute news and coverage through local Rogers Sports & Media outlets to keep communities informed of wildfires, including broadcasting emergency bulletins. 
  • Opened the Rogers WiFi Hotspots in Western Canada to further help impacted residents stay connected, regardless of carrier, including Yellowknife evacuees in Alberta. 
  • Maintained our networks during hydro outages by proactively fueling generators and worked closely with governments and emergency measures offices to ensure our technicians could safely access sites to keep customers connected.  

Photo credit: Jenn Houtby / Canadian Red Cross

To learn more about the meaningful impact of Rogers support in Alberta this spring, hear from the Regional Vice President Western Provinces and Territories, the Director of Emergency Management (Alberta) and a local Red Cross volunteer:

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“We can’t do the work we do without support from organizations like Rogers in terms of direct financial support and enabling critical connections for those impacted by the wildfires. Communication is important during events like this. For people to be able to tap into Rogers as a carrier to reach each other and be connected, was critical.  At the end of the day, it is people helping people, and Rogers exemplifies that humanitarian intention through their actions. We are incredibly grateful.” 

– Pat Quealey, Regional Vice President Western Provinces and Territories, Canadian Red Cross