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Honouring the lives of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women along the Highway of Tears

October 4, 2022


We’re adding our support to artists like Mike Dangeli to create monuments and spaces that inspire healing.

At Rogers, we are committed to making a meaningful impact in partnership with Indigenous communities and our Indigenous team members on the collective journey towards truth and reconciliation.

Today, as we remember and honour the lives of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls, Two-Spirit people, and Residential School Survivors, we’re adding our support to people like Mike Dangeli, an artist who is continuing his Two Sisters Totem poles as part of the Highway of Tears Commemoration and Healing Totem Pole series.

“There are some amazing people at Rogers who are of a like mind. I’m really grateful that they’re open to our ways of knowing and being, and allow us to share and see the importance of being able to create these monuments” – Mike Dangeli, Totem Pole Carver

The totem poles facilitate healing for those who need a place to feel grounded, communicate and share. They help recognize the Indigenous people and create a safe space to share songs, prayers and remember loved ones.

“Rogers has really been there to understand what our families are going through and with Mike being able to do that and bring it to life through a totem pole has brought comfort to the families” – Brenda Wilson, Senior Manager Community Engagement, Indigenous Collaboration

Through investing in our networks to connect Indigenous communities, creating safe spaces for employees, growing our culture of inclusion, and empowering the next generation of Indigenous youth through scholarships and grants, Rogers is committed to making a meaningful impact on our collective journey towards truth and reconciliation in partnership with Indigenous communities. Visit here to learn more.