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How Breakfast Club of Canada is fueling the way forward for thousands of children across Canada

To build Team Possible, it takes a passionate set of individuals to come together with a shared goal of connecting communities to what matters most. And it’s through strong partnerships with organizations like Breakfast Club of Canada, that enable us to lean in where help is needed and make giving back, possible.

This week, we’re continuing the spirit of Giving Tuesday by spotlighting all of the unique ways our teams are making a positive impact across the country, including supporting millions of Canadians through our joint partnerships.

Reaching thousands of children throughout Canada, Breakfast Club of Canada works closely with partners like Rogers to help children access a healthy breakfast each morning, setting them up for success today and beyond.

We caught up Tommy Kulczyk, General Manager, Breakfast Club of Canada to learn more about their incredible work and how those interested in giving back can get more involved.

Tell us a little bit about Breakfast Club of Canada and how it supports Canadian youth?

Since 1994, Breakfast Club of Canada has been working with partners from all sectors to help children access a healthy breakfast each morning. We hold the vision a country where all children have access to the nourishment they need to succeed.

The Club provides much more than breakfast: our approach is based on commitment, self-esteem and capacity development using an optimal formula adapted to local needs. Breakfast Club of Canada helps reach more than 500 000 children daily in over 3,000 programs in academic and community settings across the country.

Photo credit: Breakfast Club of Canada

We know that the pandemic has had a significant impact on Canadian organizations like Breakfast Club of Canada. How has The Club had to pivot during this time?

The pandemic has caused a serious disruption to the economy and jobs. There is no doubt that families are experiencing hardships, and children are among the most vulnerable to food insecurity. Over the past year, we have stepped up our efforts to reach out to as many children across Canada as possible, thanks in part to the support of our partners, donors and government.

When school’s closed, we quickly established an Emergency Fund with our partners and contributors, which we used to reach out to over 625,000 children, working hand in hand with more than 1,000 schools and organizations at the local level.

Even after schools reopened, we had to make adjustments to our usual practices, including introducing cold breakfast menus and individually packaged food items favoured to minimize food handling and serving meals in the classroom rather than in large gathering spaces.

Through it all, we continued to ensure every meal included fruits and vegetables, whole grains and proteins, complied with hygiene and sanitation requirements set forth by public health and local government authorities and put forward solutions designed specifically to be responsive to local resources and needs. We work to create a caring, nurturing experience and forge lasting bonds of trust with children

Partnerships and donations play a key role in the day-to-day functions of Breakfast Club of Canada. Tell us more about the importance of corporate partnerships and what it means to the communities you serve.

Effectively promoting food security for children takes an entire team. The Club collaborates with an extensive network of partners, individual donors, governments and other stakeholders to ensure we create a safe and supportive environment where all children and youth can reach their full potential. Our success is based on combined efforts from all stakeholders.

Corporate partners play a key role in our mission and their involvement helps us to reach out to more and more children every year. From fundraising campaigns to event sponsorship and corporate volunteering, our partners are involved at all levels. 

As we head into the holiday season, there is a growing need and appetite to give back. How can those interested in giving back support the Breakfast Club of Canada?

During this upcoming holiday season, we want to end the year with optimism for what is to come and look ahead to all that we can continue to accomplish.  

To donate now and give the gift of a nutritious breakfast, you can text CLUB to 20222 or click this link to donate.

Every $10 donation helps Breakfast Club of Canada distribute 20 breakfasts to children across the country.

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