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How Gavin Lumsden went the extra mile for communities in need.

*originally seen in The Ottawa Citizen

Gavin Lumsden is no stranger to hard work and giving back to the community. Along with his full-time job as a Station Manager for tvRogers and Rogerstv in Ottawa, Gavin has dedicated over 1,400 hours volunteering since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Coming from a family that emphasized the importance of helping those in need, Gavin felt compelled to give back as much as he could – from preparing 8,300 meals in community kitchens to preparing holiday meals for local community centres to helping at the Food Bank’s farm and donating personalized gifts and handwritten cards to local Women’s shelters, Gavin’s efforts were far-reaching and felt by so many.

At Rogers, we are honoured to celebrate changemakers who are helping Canadians each and every day, and Gavin is true trailblazer. His story caught the attention of the Ottawa Citizen, who recently featured Gavin in an article about “community builders”. Read more about Gavin here.

Supporting individual community contributions like Gavin’s.

One of the ways Rogers is helping to make a better Canada possible.