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How HEROS Hockey is breaking down the barriers to hockey for youth across Canada

At the heart of every Canadian community is the local hockey rink – a place where kids and families can connect with their communities through the power of hockey and build lifelong skills and friendships along the way. 

But, for many Canadian families, lack of affordable hockey programs means that not all youth can participate in the sport they love. Enter HEROS Hockey (Hockey Education Reaching Out Society), a volunteer driven charity making hockey accessible to all youth and empowering them to learn life skills through free hockey programs. 

Kevin Hodgson, Executive Director of HEROS Hockey, shares how this program is giving youth the support and opportunities they need to play hockey, connect with their communities, and ultimately, reach their full potential. 

To open more doors and create more opportunities for youth, through the Team Rogers Community Draft we’ve partnered with HEROS Hockey to provide funding that will support with staffing, volunteer outreach and resources to bring the spirit of the game to more families.

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