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How Vancouver’s Chinatown Storytelling Centre is keeping the rich history of Chinese-Canadians alive today

In the historic heart of Vancouver is the Chinatown district – a neighbourhood rooted with the rich cultural experiences of the Chinese-Canadian community and their incredible stories of connection and resilience.

For generations, these stories have long gone untold. That is, until the opening of the Chinatown Storytelling Centre in November 2021.

As the first permanent space of its kind in Canada, Rogers is a proud sponsor of this establishment which is dedicated to sharing the remarkable stories about the past, present, future, and the living heritage of Vancouver’s Chinatown and the people who have made it so vibrant throughout history.

Through unique programming, exhibits and interactive kiosks, The Chinatown Storytelling Centre celebrates the powerful resilience of the Chinese Canadian journey while making space for new ideas and dialogues to be shared. 

Here, business and community leader Carol A. Lee , Chair of the Board for the Vancouver Chinatown Foundation, shares with us the significance of The Chinatown Storytelling Centre and the central role it plays in the preservation of Chinese-Canadian history and their lived experiences from the past, present and future.