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In conversation with Quebec’s network expert, Robert Mui, on how we’re expanding our 5G network to bring world-class connectivity to Quebec

Since 1985, Rogers has been providing residents in Quebec with world-class wireless networks, keeping customers connected to the moments that matter most. That same year, the very first wireless call in Canada was made between Toronto mayor Art Eggleton and Montreal mayor Jean Drapeau over the Cantel network (now Rogers), starting our legacy of connecting Canadians to what’s important.

Fast-forward to 2020, Rogers was the first to bring 5G to Quebec beginning in Montreal and has since expanded 5G to more than 13 cities and towns across the province. Last year, Rogers also started to roll out the country’s first 5G standalone network in Montreal marking a major milestone in evolving 5G connectivity in the region. All of these accomplishments would not have been possible without the dedicated local team of network professionals who work tirelessly to provide the residents and businesses of Quebec with the best in wireless connectivity.

To get a behind-the-scenes take, we sat down with Robert Mui, Rogers Network Lead in Quebec, to learn more about a network built for Quebecers by Quebecers. Here’s what he had to share:

Tell us a bit about yourself and your role at Rogers.

I’ve been with Rogers for 30 years now and I’m the Network Lead for Access Networks in Quebec. I am proud to lead the team that develops and maintains the wireless networks in Quebec.

Is your whole team based in Quebec?

Yes, we are a fully Quebec-based team. Our planning, engineering and deployment staff are mostly based in Montreal and we have field technicians working all across the province, from Saguenay to Gatineau and from Rimouski to Sherbrooke.

Do you have a moment you’re most proud of during your time at Rogers?

It has to be seeing and being involved with all of the network evolutions. I’ve been there for the launch of 2G, 3G, 4G, and now 5G. These have been major moments for our company, for our industry, and proud milestones for me to have been able to participate in and contribute to all of those technological transformations.

Out of all these wireless network evolutions you’ve experienced first-hand, what is the biggest change you’ve seen?

Throughout all of the “Gs”, the arrival of the smartphone marked the biggest change for me. That’s when we went from a using a phone as a basic communication device to what I call an “electronic swiss army knife,” this device that is equipped with all the functionalities and apps you need in one place. It’s amazing to see this innovation come to life and made possible because of our network.  

What goes into building a 5G network, specifically in this province?

First, it takes an incredible, dedicated and, hardworking team, who can build and enhance and maintain our network even during harsh Quebec winter months. Our network team works locally and understands the specific geography of their area to optimize the network so that it performs the best it possibly can.With 5G, we’re focusing on installing new equipment with Ericsson to deliver this new technology across the province.

What are you most excited to see come out of 5G technology, what will it mean for local residents?

Just looking at all the evolutions we’ve seen with 3G and 4G, we can only imagine what will come out of 5G. We know 5G will bring the blazing speeds and ultra-fast response times to open the door to so many applications such as real-time gaming – which will play a revolutionary role in Montreal as a major gaming hub in the world – augmented reality for business and consumer purposes, autonomous vehicles, smart cities and more. We’re building the super-highway for all possibilities of what will come, and 5G will bring unprecedented benefits and opportunities that will transform entire industries and make our lives easier and more exciting.

About Rogers in Quebec
Rogers first laid roots in Quebec 37 years ago, and Montreal-born Fido has called the city home since 1996 for its customer solution centre and executive team. Today, as one of Quebec’s Top 500 Companies, Rogers and Fido employs more than 13,000 Quebecers through direct employment and its third-party supplier network across the province. There are diverse career opportunities available to more than 3,000 employees in customer solutions, sales, retail, network and technology, media, corporate roles and more.

In addition to helping fuel the Quebec economy, Quebec communities have been supported and youth have been inspired to unleash their full potential. Since 2017, Rogers has provided nearly $1 million in Ted Rogers Community Grants to Quebec organizations that are helping youth achieve their highest potential like Allo Prof and the Centraide of Greater Montreal. The company has also provided nearly $300,000 in Ted Rogers Scholarships since 2017 to deserving Quebec youth attending post-secondary education. For more news on our 5G expansion, click here.