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In Episode 6, Canada’s Got Talent reveals all performers heading to the semifinals, beginning May 2 on Citytv


After a season of shocks and surprises, this week’s episode took us down to the final auditioners. Episode 6 started off with three consecutive circus acts. Cirque Kalabanté, a four-member, Montreal-based group featuring one very bendable human pretzel, went first. The judges were both astounded and terrified. Howie Mandel loved it, mainly, as he has stated all season, because he saw something way out of the ordinary. It was four big yeses from the judges.

Next up was another Montrealer, Tra My Trinh, whose mother came all the way from Vietnam to see her daughter perform at the OLG Stage at Fallsview Casino in Niagara. Fearless Trinh somehow balanced a giant sword, perched on its point on the end of a dagger in her mouth. She did this all while suspended in mid-air while shimmying up a ribbon of silk. One false move and she would have been the first guest on Canada’s Got Stitches. Talk about taking a stab at the $150,000 grand prize!

“That’s probably one of the most dangerous things I’ve ever seen in my life,” said Howie – and he used to follow Sam Kinison back at the Comedy Store in Los Angeles. Trinh got four well-deserved yeses.

The final circus act was performed by Flexy-T from Ajax, ON. A very double-jointed woman got out of a steamer trunk and kept right on bending herself all out of shape. At the end of her act, however, she was handed a cane. Turns out her outrageous flexibility is the result of a connective tissue disease. “Wait, so this is an issue that you’ve turned into a talent,” remarked Howie. Correct, said the bare-footed woman, who explained that the circus poses are one of the things that keeps her “out of a wheelchair.” For her act and her story, the judges gave her four big yeses.

Next up were The Dreamboats from Mississauga. The retro rock n roll band ripped into “Johnny B. Goode,” but Howie didn’t think they were that good. “I’m not getting any sense of authenticity,” he said, sinking the Dreamboats dream.

The Bearhead Sisters, a Juno-award winning trio from Edmonton, took the stage next with their mom Yvonne looking on from the sidelines with host Lindsay Ell. They performed an original song called “Waka’ne” and wowed the judges.

The ASD Band from Toronto featured musicians who are all openly autistic. “We’re different but not less,” stated the confident lead singer. “We have abilities that will blow your mind right on this very stage.” Howie agreed. “You’re exactly what this show is about,” he said. “That was epic,” agreed Lilly. The band got four big yeses.

It was time to send in the clowns. A couple of stand-up comedians took the stage led by David Green from Niagara Falls. He claimed to have nine million followers on tiktok. After stringing together a bunch of nation names, however, he only had one judge on his side – Trish Stratus. She confessed a weakness for bad jokes. Three other strikes meant Green was gone.

The judges were much more impressed by comedian Joze Piranian from Toronto. “I have a stutter,” he said in his halting style, “so I hope you like … suspense.” Piranian explained that he uses a breathing technique to control his stutter. “So if anyone here is called Luke, I am your father.” “You knocked it out of the park,” said the comedy expert among the judges, Howie. Four yeses, with no hesitation.

All clad in black, magician Richard Forget from Whitby was next. He survived a traffic accident on his way to Niagara he told the judges, totalling his car! His act, unfortunately, was also a bit of a car wreck. At one low point, a paper dove appeared to get shredded. Forget looked shredded as well. Howie felt he deserved one more chance and was willing to vote him on to the next round. The crowd backed him up. Lilly seemed reluctant but bowed to the public will in adding a fourth yes to Forget’s total.

The Cast, a dance crew from Lévis, QC, waltzed onto the CGT stage next. They surprised the judges by springing to live in a very brisk, physical dance. Kardi was the first on his feet. The audience also went wild. Howie called Lindsay to approach the judges’ desk. “We have to serve the people,” he declared, slamming down with the others on the bonus buzzer, sending the dance troupe straight through to the semi-final round.

Howie, Lilly, Trish and Kardi gathered at the end of the episode to select the 18 acts moving on to the semi-final round. They are:


ATSUSHI ONO – Magic Act, Calgary, AB

BEATRICE LOVE – Singer/Musician, Edmonton, AB

COOL GIRAFFES – Dance Act, Edmonton, AB


CURRAN DOBBS – Comedy Act, Victoria, BC


RAYMOND SALGADO – Singer/Musician, Vancouver Island, BC


ANICA – Singer/Musician, Grand-Barachois, NB – **Lindsay’s Golden Buzzer**


THE TURNBULL BROTHERS – Singer/Musician, Glace Bay, NS


KATHERINE LYNN-ROSE – Singer/Musician, Burlington, ON

MAYA GAMZU – Singer/Musician, Toronto, ON – **Kardinal’s Golden Buzzer**

MEAVE – Singer/Musician, Niagara Falls, ON


ALEXANDRA CÔTÉ – Animal Act, Thetford Mines, QC

CONVERSION – Dance Act, Trois-Rivières, QC – **Trish’s Golden Buzzer**

GBA – Circus Act, Montreal, QC

GENEVIÈVE CÔTÉ – Novelty Act, Laval, QC – **Howie’s Golden Buzzer**

PAOLA TROILO – Singer/Musician, Laval, QC

THE CAST – Dance Act, Lévis, QC – **Group Golden Buzzer**


MAGIC BEN – Magic Act, Whitehorse, YT