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It takes a village: working together to rebuild after Hurricane Fiona

Rogers volunteers cleaning up after hurricane

When Hurricane Fiona hit Atlantic Canada in September, the small town of Cormier Village, 30 km northeast of Moncton, New Brunswick, was one of the hardest hit areas of the region. Flooding, downed trees, power lines, and debris impacted/devastated the entire town, including destroying the local recreation and cultural centre, and nearby EcoPark trail. 

For residents of nearby Shediac, including and Rogers employees Angela Billo, Director, Wireless and Rock Berube, Field Ops Manager, it was an opportunity to help. After ensuring that family, friends, and neighbours were safe, and working with the team to restore connectivity to Atlantic customers, Angela and Rock wanted to do more for their community. After speaking with the municipality, they rallied colleagues to volunteer.

The storm wreckage was severe and the common belief was that the wooded walking trail to the river was beyond saving. But, the Rogers team, along with other local community volunteers, restored the centre and nearby walking trail in just one day.  

“This trail is so important to the community. It’s where people walk their dogs, go for some solace and some prayer or whatever gets them through the day, and to bring this back to the community when it needs it the most was so rewarding.” 

  • Angela Billo, Director, Rogers Wireless 

“Neighbours helping neighbours is what Atlantic people do. Just take that first step to get out into the community. Proudly show your Rogers red and help out in any way you can. A little bit goes a long way, and people don’t forget that.” 

  • Rock Berube, Manager, Rogers Field Ops  

As the Atlantic region continues to recover, please consider donating to area food banks or the Canadian Red Cross or another cause you are passionate about.