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Jorge Fernandes discusses all things 5G at #BCTechSummit

Top four highlights from Rogers’ Chief Technology Officer’s keynote

Rogers is the presenting sponsor of this year’s B.C. Tech Summit, Western Canada’s largest tech conference. The 3-day event features interactive and innovative demonstrations as well as industry speakers highlighting the latest technology.

Chief Technology Officer, Jorge Fernandes delivered a keynote speech on Rogers’ 5G investments, and what this new technology will mean for Canada. Here are some of the highlights from his presentation:

  1. Rogers is doubling its technology investment in British Columbia in 2019 to bring enhanced wireless service, new fibre network and build the groundwork for 5G.
  2. Working with infrastructure partner Ericsson, Rogers is upgrading its network to be ready for 5G commercial deployment.
  3. The 5G ecosystem is wide open and strategic partnerships are instrumental in developing made-in-Canada 5G applications.
  4. Rogers is already working with the right partners to develop 5G innovations. Through partnerships with UBC, the Clean, Connected and Safe Transportation Testbed smart city initiative is assessing how 5G networks and applications will improve autonomous vehicle safety, traffic management and fuel efficiency.

During his keynote, Jorge also shared this video tracing the evolution of wireless towards 5G.