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Jorge Fernandes: UBC partnership will deliver made-in-Canada 5G technology

Yesterday we announced a partnership with the University of British Columbia to build a real-world 5G Hub on the UBC campus that will be a testbed and blueprint for 5G innovation in Canada.

5G will be a significant technological transformation and partners like UBC are an important part of the equation to making it a reality.

Similar to how 4G maximized the potential of the smartphone,  5G will maximize the potential of connected devices powered by low latency and high capacity – two new defining characteristics of 5G that will open up a whole new world of opportunities for Canadians and business.

Our announcement with UBC is all about continuing to build the ecosystem necessary to make 5G a reality for Canadians – it will take the right partners, spectrum, infrastructure and investments to get us there. UBC is the ideal 5G partner with the world-renowned researchers and facilities where we can co-develop applications that will make our cities smarter, cleaner and safer. We’re really looking forward to working with them to develop what’s next!

I’ll keep you updated as we continue to forge ahead with 5G.