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Keeping loved ones connected when it matters most.

Over the last few months, the lives and routines of Canadians across the country have been flipped upside down. For many, however, the silver lining of this challenging time has been shining a light on the daily acts of kindness, support and empathy that are all around us.

Chris Burns is no stranger to helping people stay connected. As an Essential Service Technician at Rogers, Chris volunteered to continue entering customer’s homes and businesses throughout the COVID-19 pandemic when critical issues couldn’t be fixed from outside homes or businesses. Chris had heard of a long-term care resident that was not only experiencing issues with his phone service, but also had a very special birthday coming up. Chris knew just how important it was for that customer to receive a call from home and hear his family sing “happy birthday to you….” in a time of isolation.  Jumping in right away to ensure that important phone call was made, in the process, Chris was also able to help some others along the way to stay connected to the people and things that matter most.

Ensuring the most important connections are always made.

One of the ways Rogers is helping make a better Canada possible.