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Lessons from the "littles": Let the children lead the way…

With COVID-19, all of us are figuring out a new routine and new ways to rise to the challenge.  Kids across Canada have been away from school for months, and many are missing friends, mentors, and other community supports, including Big Brothers Big Sisters Canada.  One-to-one mentoring is at the heart of the Big Brothers Big Sisters program – and now, connecting with a phone call, a text, or a video chat is more important than ever. The “bigs” are a source of continuity and comfort in the lives of the “littles,” so Rogers has been helping kids with devices and data, to keep these important relationships strong during these unusual times.  Partnering with BBBS to get phones and service to these kids to give them something to hold on to when everything else is uncertain is one way we can help make a meaningful difference.

Today’s Parent checked in with Canadian kids — including BBBS “littles” — to see how they are adapting to life in COVID-19.  Their responses are an endearing and inspiring show of resilience and gratitude.  They are flexible, they use technology to learn and connect with family and friends, and their optimism is…infectious.  These kids see that extra family time is a gift; that they have time to master a new skill; and that even the youngest can bring joy to their communities — and if the grownups take a moment to pause, they just might learn something special too! 

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This special publication was produced by Today’s Parent, in partnership with Rogers & BBBS