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#LifeatRogers Spotlight - how Lorraine Williams’ passion for people led to an award-winning friendship

They say that when you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life – that’s something Lorraine Williams, Senior Manager of Customer Experience & Engagement in Rogers’ Small Home Small Office (SOHO), knows firsthand.

A single mom to two kids, Lorraine has always brought her passion for people to the table, both at home and at work.  

“Each day, I strive to be an inspirational leader, coach and development advocate who builds diverse, high performing teams, wherever I go,” Lorraine shared.

For 15 years, Lorraine has led a strong team of Rogers frontline specialists and team managers – some of whom have gone on to successfully pursue management roles of their own – and rallied them together to build a strong work culture with the help of unique and engaging tools.

One such tool Lorraine implemented was Axonify, a frontline training and communications tool designed to equip specialists with the product and service knowledge they need in fun, fast and engaging ways so that they can feel prepared when engaging with customers.

Working hand in hand with our partners at Axonify, Lorraine socialized this tool and quickly saw participation rates climb to 90% in frontline training – results that have been invaluable to the teams ongoing success.

It was this strong partnership with Axonify that led to Lorraine’s nomination and ultimate win of Axonify’s well-suited 2021 BFF of the Year award, which celebrates the best in frontline support.

Though her name is on the trophy, Lorraine credits her team for making this recognition possible.

“This award shows us that we are on the right track to drive the right change for the people that need it the most and I could not be prouder to accept this award on behalf of myself and my team.”

Reaching this milestone has reinforced Lorraine’s passion for her work and opened her eyes to what she can achieve at Rogers.

“My future goals are to continue to drive change, focus on building a culture of true belonging here at Rogers and to make space for my entire team be successful and authentic here at work.”

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