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Lighting up hearts and minds for a cause in Quebec with Illumi!

Illumi in Laval, Quebec is a magical experience – with 30,000 light structures, 20 million LED bulbs and 18 fairy tale-like areas to explore, it is truly a sight to behold!

In addition to sponsoring the festival, Rogers awarded two Laval organizations $15,000 to help support underprivileged children in the community. As a special treat during the holiday season that has been challenging for so many, 10 Quebec children and their families were able to experience Illumi safely, and in style.

This year, Illumi was transformed into a drive-through version, offering a completely new experience for attendees. The 10 recipients were able to enjoy the spectacle while socially distanced, from the backseat of their own private limousine. 

With each area offering a different theme, there was so much to see and enjoy, and the magic of the holidays was impossible to miss from the children’s faces. This was a memorable experience for all parties involved, by working with organizations in Quebec that go above and beyond to help lift up the local communities and support our youth to unleash their full potential.

Working together to support youth in Quebec.

One of the ways Rogers is helping to make a better Canada possible.