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Lisa Durocher: Our 2nd Annual Rogers Digital Conference 

Last week we hosted the second annual Rogers Digital Conference at Maple Leafs Gardens in Toronto. It was an awesome event that brought employees together from across Rogers to enjoy a full day of inspiring speakers and tech demos.

The day included eight talented speakers from start-ups and big businesses who dove into hot digital topics from IoT to what’s next in digital retail experiences. The demo hall featured 14 tables with the latest innovative technology from Rogers and our partners such as Google, Nanonation, Facebook, Microsoft and Wysdom AI.

The conference is a great way to inspire our teams, so together we can continue to build our digital knowledge and apply these skills to do great digital work that improves our customers’ experiences every day.

I’m really proud of my team for bringing together such a diverse and inspiring group of thought leaders. I’m still buzzing from the day and I know my team found it just as valuable.