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Interview with 2018 Ted Rogers Scholarship Recipient Lyndon Murrin

November 7, 2018


Lyndon Murrin

1. Where do you volunteer – what’s your favourite thing about what you do?  I volunteer at the Sydney Mines baseball field and am involved with Challenger baseball along with coaching other children’s tee ball teams. I also volunteer at various community events doing what ever I can to help the community. 2. Why was receiving a Ted Rogers Scholarship special?  Receiving the Ted Rogers Scholarship award was special to me because throughout my high school years I have tried to balance doing well in school with volunteering and helping make a difference in my community and to even get nominated and have some recognition for doing so is special to me. 3. Where do you plan on going to school and what will you study?  I plan to further my education at StFX in the fall taking a BSc in human kinetics. 4. What are your long-term goals?  My long term goals are to have a job living here in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia and continue to help further my community by doing as much as I can to help.